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Proceedings of SIGSVC Workshop


According to the still growing importance of services and especially knowledge-based services the importance of lifelong learning increases, too. In these premises the European Union targeted a rate of workforce participating in lifelong learning to at least 15 %, the current value is 9,3 %. The main impulse for current participants in an ongoing learning process is to improve career opportunities and to perform better in their jobs.Keeping these changes in mind, corporate education services are a good example of knowledge-based services. First of all, these services integrate the customer in depth to identify their specific needs and to deliver the service. Therefore, they can be seen as a good example of services following a service-dominant logic. Secondly, this sector gains on importance due to the economic as well as the demographic changes. Thirdly, corporate education services bear potential for economic growth. In 2008 market had a volume of 26,5 billion Euro in Germany. With the aspired increase in lifelong learning there is still potential to increase this number.Therefore this paper examines the potentials of current learning management systems to support corporate education services from a holistic perspective based on Kirkpatricks Four-Level Model. Based on this analysis potentials for further improvements of the support of the learning process are derived.