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The deployment of social software in enterprises to support collaborative work has become increasingly important in the past few years. At the same time, the characteristics of social software--most importantly the so-called Nutzungsoffenheit--require a change of mindset. Corporate social software differs strikingly from traditional business software, which has clearly defined common usage scenarios for its functions. Classic approaches concerning the requirements analysis, change management and success measurement of business software can be applied only partly or not at all. In this report, the APERTO framework, consisting of the APERTO five-level model, the CUP-Matrix, as well as the tools developed therefrom, is introduced. It enables a complete and consistent categorization and classification of the usage potentials of corporate social software, and thus supports its selection, implementation, and optimization. The approach described in this report was applied successfully multiple times in the past few months in projects to select and implement solutions in various German enterprises.