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The paper explores the nature of the relationship between the study fields of Information Systems and the humanities. Although literature on Humanities Computing states in principle that there is a bi-directional, beneficial symbiotic relationship, most studies and reflections investigate only the application of information technology in the humanities. This implies that the relation is commensalistic rather that mutualistic. However, studies do exist that implement theoretical constructs borrowed from the humanities in various aspects of Information Systems. Therefore, the author pleads that more recognition be given to the pre-discipline of Humanities-enriched Information Systems and proposes theoretical and practical ways to make the field more independent. The paper uses an interpretive research approach and explores the issue at hand on a meta-theoretical level. It suggests that, by building on the foundations of existing, pre-disciplinary enrichment endeavors, a new paradigm of Information Systems research may be acknowledged and nursed in order to facilitate further growth of the discipline.