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Pace University teaches an Issues in Information Systems course in the final year of its Master of Science in Information Systems program. Currently, the class explores the potentials for using Information Systems and Technology to achieve sustainable progress with the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In September 2000 these international development goals were formally accepted by all 192 UN member states and many other international organizations under the United Nations Millennium Declaration. These 192 parties agreed to achieve the goals by 2015. In our course, sustainable development is broadly interpreted using Brundtland's 1987 concept of development that meets present needs without compromising the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs. We designed an Applied Sustainability Learning Model with three layers of learning to attain educational competency in the area of Applied Sustainability. These are the Domain Layer, the Sustainability Layer and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Layer. This brief abstract describes the current assignment structure the students are asked to complete during this course. The Hopefully, these and other assignments may help in an attempt to codify curriculum requirements necessary to apply Information Systems and Technology trans-globally to foster economic, societal and environmental sustainability.