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Proceedings of IFIP 8.2/Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS)


In order to improve the efficiency of technical customer services (TCS) business processes, we propose to focus on thisinformation and its provision to service technicians. Based on contingencytheory, we suggest increasing the information processing capacities of servicetechnicians. Up to now, methodical and technical support is missing for providing the relevantinformation to service technicians and for improving their information processing capacities.Consequently we propose an approach for leveraging productivity of TCS by empowering theservice technicians. Following a design science approach, we developa mobile assistant system in order to support an intelligent, mobileaccess to needed information and an integrated feedback functionality. Furthermore, we suggestthat this empowerment based on intelligent mobile applications leads to continuous informationmanagement. Our approach supports an empowerment of individual service technicians, leads toan improvement of business culture, and leverages employees’ motivation and skills.