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Proceedings of IFIP 8.2/Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS)


Given thatexisting theories of the firm do not offer feasible answers as to how firms create and capturevalue with Open source software (OSS) and the fact that open source raises questions about how business caneffectively create and capture value through the application of OSS in a manner thatleverages open innovation qualities, there is a clear need for more research in this regard. Thestudy utilises a theory-building approach, deriving a model from extant research and refiningthe model through case study analysis of three European firms which include a supplier ofmedical equipment and devices, a telecommunications provider and an electronics andsystems company that serve defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide. Thefindings reveal that a firm's ability to create and capture value with OSS is augmented bytheir ability to gain access to external and internal value networks of potentialcomplementors.