In this position paper I present my PhD project - dealing with the relation between technology (ICTs and ATs) and older people – from a temporal perspective.In my research, a temporal perspective is useful both in the study of the process of aging and in the studies of gerotechnologies. In particular, in this position paper I take into account two concepts proposed by Barbara Adam (1990, 2004, 2009): timescape and futurescape. Timescapes identifies the combination of the irreducible elements involved in time. Amongst these, my analysis is focused on three elements: timing, tempo, temporal modalities. Futurescape is a useful theoretical tool to account for the social and historical features of our lives. In the paper I consider this concept from two different standpoints: present future and future present (Luhman, 1981; Adam and Groves, 2007). At the end, I propose to study the role played by ICTs and ATs as objects linking past, present and future.