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University of Groningen, Netherlands


This research describes the design of a post-project evaluation model for business cases of IT projects. Structured post-project evaluation is hardly common practice in industry (Gwillim et al., 1995; Kumar, 1990). Consequently, many improvement opportunities are missed out on, including improving future business cases and system development practices. On basis of a literature study a post-project evaluation design matrix was developed to illustrate the most important design issues. This matrix includes six post-project evaluation aspects and for all these aspects, the following five issues: evaluation questions, required information, time frame, roles and possible actions. On the basis of this post-project evaluation design matrix and 30 business case documents a post-project evaluation method was developed for an energy supply company. Various information and communication problems were identified, such as, too little commitment of the business case owner and incomplete initial information. Several quick wins could be established by suggesting improved calculation methods and assigning cost and benefits to responsible owners. Additional benefits could be obtained of post-project evaluation, if the business case should receive significantly more managerial attention and would play a central role in the evaluation of each mile stone. This would considerably improve organizational learning.