Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


Information systems (IS) departments face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing environment. One approach to understanding the challenges faced by IS departments is to survey IS managers to elicit what they consider key issues. Key issues in IS management surveys have been conducted for many years in many nations and regions. However, most key issues surveys seem to lack a theoretical basis for the selection of key issues. Furthermore, most key issues surveys have used the Delphi technique in multiple rounds. Recently, the analysis of key issues in IS management has been extended by a multimethod approach using Q methodology and interpretive structural modeling. This paper presents methodological issues and choices for a planned survey on key issues in IS management in Norway in 1999. A three step procedure for key issues selection is introduced, and a multimethod approach for analysis is adapted. However, this research is at an early stage making the paper primarily serve as a basis for discussion and feedback valuable for future research.