Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


The world we live in is getting digitized rapidly, with governments relying on e-government and businesses depending on e-business to meet their objectives. However, the research exploring the link between e-government and e-business is still at a nascent stage. Acknowledging the need for inquiry in this area, we explore the relationships between e-government maturity, corruption, VSN diffusion, and B2C e-business use using publicly available archival data by drawing on the value framework for assessing e-government impact and Blumer’s theory of collective behavior. Our analyses substantiate (1) the direct association between e-government and B2C e-business use, (2) the indirect association between e-government maturity and B2C e-business use through corruption, and (3) the moderation effect of VSN diffusion on this relationship. Implications of our findings to research and practice are discussed.