Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


This paper presents a framework for Intelligent Collaborative Enterprise Systems (ICES) and discusses its evolution in the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for Decision Making (DM). The premise of this paper is to demonstrate the need for enterprise systems to evolve from being data and information oriented to intelligence sharing systems capitalizing on modern-day technologies of AI and machine learning. A collaborative enterprise system results from sophistication in communications technologies combined with vastly dispersed big data and its accompanying analytics. Collaborations within an enterprise system framework comprise multiple Cloud-based big data storages, sourcing of data from end-user IoT devices and back-end servers, storage and security of data, execution of business processes across multiple organizations and offering Analytics-as-a-Service to the users and consumers. Furthermore, the intelligence within these collaborations utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide continuous optimization and efficient decision-making processes for the entire enterprise eco-system. The outcome of our study is the delineation of a conceptual framework examining key elements that comprise ICES. We analysed the evolution of ICES, and how big data and its analytics based on techniques of artificial Intelligence improves decision making and prediction. We have outlined concepts and challenges of the conceptual framework implementation.