Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


In this paper I will give a contribution to the creative conversation on future development and use of computer technology which Bo Dahlbom and Lars-Erik Janlert invited to in their paper published in the previous volume of SJIS.They argued that as software development now becomes industrialized, the need for organizational competence in this task will disappear. My position is rather the direct opposite: Software development will to a larger extent be taken over by industry. This implies, however, that the software systems being developed have to satisfy the requirements of several organizations, not only one as is the case in in-house development. And further, the software has to be integrated with several existing systems and components. Accordingly, future software development will demand more competent and more interdisciplinary development teams.

I will argue that there will, in the future, be a huge demand for computer scientists with a thorough knowledge about organizations. Knowledge from both philosophy and the social sciences will be important. Industrialization of software development, more strategic use of software, and more integrated information systems are important trends causing this demand. Accordingly, I find the systems development educations in Scandinavia, criticized by Dahlbom and Janlert, highly relevant.