Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


Welcome to the second issue of volume 27 of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. The issue will be published close to the end of the year and we will therefore take the opportunity to wish our authors, reviewers and readers a Happy New Year and thank you for your support for the journal.

The number of submissions to the journal appears to be fairly stable with 39 submissions in 2014 and 38 in 2015. The accept rate is around 17%, which we take to be an indicator the journal’s quality. With these numbers, we can maintain an about 6 published papers per year on average. This year, however, we will publish only 3 papers in total due to delays in the review process—two in the summer issue and one in the current issue.

Morten Hjelholt and Tina Blegind Jensen study the role of discourse in information systems project management. Studying the implementation of a national egovernment initiative in a local context, they demonstrate how a project manager uses certain statements to make the project resonate with local practices, as well as link it to the national level aims and policies. They conlcude that such resonating statements can be used as a strategic resource for legitimizing IT projects.

Jacob Nørbjerg, Netta Iivari, Bendik Bygstad and Magnus Bergquist



Resonating Statements: Discursive acts in IT projects
Morten Hjelholt and Tina Blegind Jensen