Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


Poor data and information quality (DQ/IQ) has remained a consistent problem plaguing both the practitioner and academic communities in Information Systems (IS). The consequences of poor DQ/IQ is particularly severe in Construction Engineering, and the field lacks sufficient DQ/IQ assessment frameworks and tools. To address this shortcoming, we applied an action design research (ADR) approach to develop and implement a DQ/IQ assessment tool called Information Quality System (IQS). The multi-year research project took place in a European construction engi- neering company, and lasted from 2007 to 2012. We drew upon insights from the liter- ature on DQ/IQ assessment and related challenges in construction engineering, as well as practical lessons learned from managing DQ/IQ in the target organization. Through our research, we develop a set of design principles for meeting DQ/IQ challenges.