Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


The first issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems vol. 23 features three research articles.

The article by Morten Hertzum and Jesper Simonsen outlines an approach to the development and use of information systems, effects-driven IT development, based on the specification of effects, rather than functionality, as the basis for development and use. This approach, the authors argue, allows a bridging of the often disparate activities of technical design and organizational implementation, and will assist organizations in working systematically towards realizing benefits.

The article by Christian Hardless and Jaffar Ahmad reports from a case study of an innovation consortium in the elderly home care. The authors focus on identifying institutional constraints for innovation in this sector.

The article by Peter Green, Michael Rosemann, Marta Indulska, and Jan Recker reports from a study of use of modelling grammars to analyze, design or configure information systems. The authors start from the observation that users often employ multiple conceptual grammars, and proceed to investigate how and why the users selected and combined the different grammars.

Keld Bødker now serves as the coordinating editor for SJIS replacing Rikard Lindgren. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rikard for his service to the journal as well as to the community. The editorial board is happy to welcome Pär Ågerfalk as the new Swedish representative on the board. We already started to work with Pär, and certainly do look forward to continue doing so for the next four years.



Complementary Use of Modeling Grammars
Peter Green, Michael Rosemann, Marta Indulska, and Jan Recker