Organizations increasingly assign complex decision-making tasks to teams. However, current business intelligence & analytics (BI&A) systems are primarily designed to support individual decision-makers and, therefore, cannot be used effectively in face-to-face team interactions. To address this challenge, we conduct a design science research (DSR) project to design a multimodal BI&A system that can be used effectively using a combination of touch and speech interaction. Drawing on the theory of effective use and existing guidelines for multimodal user interfaces, we formulated and instantiated three design principles in an artifact. The results of a focus group evaluation indicate that enhancing the BI&A system with a speech facilitates transparent interaction and increases effective use of the system in team interactions. Our DSR project contributes to the body of design knowledge for multimodal BI&A systems by demonstrating how the combination of touch and speech facilitates its effective use in face-to-face team interactions.