This study investigates the impact of information technology (IT) multitasking on multisensory hedonic experience. Existing literature extensively studies the impact of IT multitasking on user experience in a professional context but still lacks insight regarding this influence in a hedonic context. This study contributes to the literature by examining how technology can alter pleasure induced by hedonic activities. In a context of engaged IT interaction along with multisensory music listening, we hypothesize that the multisensory factor positively influences emotional reaction. We also hypothesize that IT interaction will degrade the hedonic experience. We conducted a multi-method experiment using both explicit (questionnaires) and implicit (automatic facial analysis, and electrodermal activity) measures of emotional reactions. Results support our hypotheses and highlight the importance of avoiding multitasking with technology during passive hedonic activities for better experience. Future research may examine IT multitasking’s influence on active hedonic activities.