Living with Artificial Intelligence: Developing a Theory on Trust in Health Chatbots - Research in Progress


The current world is AI-filled and AI-fueled. Humans need to be able to live in harmony with AI. In this research, we aim to develop a theory on Trust between human and health chatbots. With the development of intelligent personal assistants, chatbots are becoming common and ubiquitous. Chatbots can behave as a conversational partner, complete information acquisition, and provide responses to inquiries. Chatbots have been widely used in the healthcare area, supporting physicians and assisting patients. The potential threats to privacy issues and the unpredictable performances of the chatbots hindered people’s trust and adoption of the new technology. This research-in-progress paper discusses building a theory on trust in health chatbots. We will use a qualitative approach, Keeney’s Value-Focused Thinking, in this theory-building exercise. Interviews with health chatbot vendors, users, and executives in medical centers that utilize health chatbots will be conducted.

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