Companies today are mostly populated by new-generation managers—consisting of digital natives and digital immi­grants. New-generation managers have expanded their role in operations and have to make decisions faster than in the past. Management support systems (MSS) serve as mana­gers’ central, hands-on, day-to-day source of information. Thus, the present situation is favorable for redesigning MSS in two respects: On the one hand, new-generation mana­gers’ faster decision making is driving a new demand for self-service MSS. Unlike earlier MSS, self-service MSS accommodate individual user preferences and increasingly enable managers to operate MSS themselves. On the other hand, as companies become larger and more dispersed, face-to-face meetings and even telephone calls become less prac­tical, but new collaboration technology is becoming in­creasingly important. Subject to these considerations, we examine collaboration technology—technology assisting people working towards the same goals—suitable to be incorporated into MSS for new-generation managers’ self service.



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