The aim of this study was to assess whether Attitude Toward Technology (ATT) is a better measure of technology acceptance than Behavioral Intention (BI) in a mandatory medical setting. A questionnaire was taken in two hospitals, one university (Setting 1) and one private (Setting 2). The technology studied was PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The questionnaire was taken on several occasions: pre-implementation (T1, both Settings); three months post-implementation (T2, S2); and one year after the transition was completed (T3, S1; S2 is underway). Four models were assessed: (1a) original TAM with ATT, (1b) TAM with BI replacing ATT, (2a) UTAUT, and (2b) UTAUT with ATT replacing BI. Our preliminary results indicate that ATT is indeed a better measure for acceptance than BI. Variance explained in ATT ranged from .47 to .72, in BI from .12 to .45. BI was the best predictor of USE.