Recent research has found that deceivers are extremely difficult to detect in computer-mediated work settings. However, it is unclear which individuals are likely to use computer systems for deception in these settings. This study looked at how 172 upper-level business students’ political skill, social skill, and tendency to use impression management was related to their deception media choice in a business scenario. We found that most individuals preferred e-mail and face-to-face media to the phone for deception. However, the individuals with high social skill, individuals with high political skill, and individuals with a tendency to use impression management predominately chose the phone and face-to-face methods for deception. These findings imply that organizations do need to be aware of deception in e-mail communications; however, they also need to be aware of deception in phone and face-to-face settings, since this deception will likely be coming from individuals that are skilled deceivers.