To date ERPsim games have been used principally to teach business processes in Information Systems courses. This paper reports on using the games in a totally new context, in a senior level, undergraduate, managerial decision-making class. The objectives in introducing the game to the students in this class were to give them exposure to the use of information in tactical and operational decision making, as well as to illustrate concepts such as anchoring, bias and bounded awareness taught in the course. The use of the games has relevance to the new AACSB guidelines and the focus on analytical and evidence-based decision making in many business programs. Efforts by the instructor in drawing from the ERPsim games to explain class concepts, and using these interesting games that replicated the business environment contributed to a high level of student satisfaction and interest in the game and also promoted a perception of achievement of learning outcomes. The authors intend to continue this research, continually refining the way in which the simulations are used in the classroom to develop a model of best practice.