Given the fact that the majority of standard curricula are based on transferring existing knowledge, we raise the question whether in contemporary society they still address the challenges we are facing. We believe that dynamics and accompanying disruptions of our daily work require a way broader approach to curriculum development, then it has been done for the last centuries. Our research shows the need for more flexible programs, in which end-terms are defined in a different way. Standard curricula are only partially able to cover the challenges in contemporary society, and accreditation is no longer the optimal way for quality assurance in education. It became increasingly clear that the new programs are difficult to implement. Rules and regulations, administrative tasks, like the current practice of accreditation, also form a huge hurdle to prepare our future forerunners in society for the challenges, they will have to deal with, even in the near future. Preface and positioning: This paper is written as a discussion paper. Developments in current society allow us to challenge traditional approaches to high-level education.