Developing An Information Systems Curriculum Model.

Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia


This paper describes the process used by the College of Computer Science and Engineering at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia to implement a new Bachelor of Science (BSc) curriculum in Information Systems (IS) based on the accreditation standards of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and on the guiding principles of the IS 2009 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs, the Information Systems Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Association for Information Systems (AIS). The curriculum is unique in that it is specifically designed to meet the needs of business and industry. It was developed using feedback from individuals involved in academia and industry based on a survey of undergraduate students’ skills required in the IS program. It was examined by a group of reviewers, and their efforts led to some revisions. The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the BSc Engineering and BSc Computer Science programs of College of Computer Science and Engineering, Taibah University. It is a flexible and interactive curriculum that allows for changes to be made without major redesign in preparing students for modern technology. By emphasizing information systems, the curriculum presents principles and applications to enable students to integrate knowledge related to a variety of business and interdisciplinary settings.