PANEL DISCUSSION: Providing Distinctive Value Through Master’s Level Programs In Information Systems.

Heikki Topi, Bentley University
Kieran Conboy, University of New South Wales
Brian Donnelian, National University of Ireland Maynooth
V. Ramesh, Indiana University


This panel discussion will build on the conversation regarding master’s level curricula in Information Systems that started at AMCIS 2010, and it contributes to the review and possible revision of MSIS 2006. It is based on the assumption that master’s programs in Information Systems offer highly valuable opportunities for IS departments globally and provide significant value for students, employers, and societies alike; therefore, the discipline has an excellent justification to review master’s level curriculum guidance frequently and rediscover and redefine the distinctive strengths of master’s programs in Information Systems. The panelists will provide their perspectives on the curriculum review in general and three questions in specific: master’s level outcome expectations, specific characteristics of master’s programs in each panelist’s geographic area, and the distinctive value that IS programs provide compared to other computing programs at the master’s level.