A Cyberciege Gaming-Simulation Experience In Is Security Teaching.

Lesley Pek Wee Land, The University of New South Wales
Yupawadee Laoledchai, The University of New South Wales
Vichit Laoledchai, The University of New South Wales


Gaming simulation is a form of experiential learning in a gaming environment. In this paper, we are interested in the use of gaming simulation in IS Security teaching in a university laboratory setting. The students enrolled in this course are business students from different business disciplines, with diverse IS/IT knowledge. This study reports on our recent experience at using a sophisticated gaming simulation software (CyberCIEGE) in a IS Security course. We explored whether students’ IS Security knowledge could improve with students who have different levels of prior IT knowledge. The design of the study is one group pre-test-post-test pre-experimental. We conclude the paper with a recommendation on the suitability of the software for future use, a discussion of its limitations and suggestions for extending this research.