Web 2.0 Personal Learning Environment Design Based On User Requirements.

Ning Wei, Unitec Institute of Technology
Kay Fielden, Unitec Institute of Technology


Personal Learning Environments (PLE)s help learners to manage their own web courses, update their own learning content, search and share their own learning materials and conduct co-operative learning, therefore improving the value of student learning. In this study, PLE requirements were gathered from tertiary students, and then a personal learning environment architecture based on Web 2.0 was designed. Under this proposed design, the learner is able to control her/his own learning process. This paper is organized into three main sections. First, Web 2.0 concepts and technologies are described. Secondly, the suitability of PLE in the context of Web 2.0 is discussed. Next, requirements gathered from users are described, and finally, a detailed design of a Web 2.0 personal learning environment is presented.