Alice In A Student Wonderland: Sparking Creativity And Solving Problems.

Riana Steyn, University of Pretoria


Everybody knows Alice in Wonderland. While Alice’s Wonderland is a magical, unreal world of strange characters and creatures and unbelievable transformations, this story may prove not to be that far-fetched. Let’s think for a moment of a first-year student entering the university or college. Everything is new, unfamiliar and almost unbelievable, a new world with strange characters standing in front of a classroom. As academics, we have to investigate what type of student we are teaching and acknowledge that they are more visual in their learning processes. Education has to go through a rethinking process. This paper does not specifically focus on technology in the classroom, but rather on the use of technology in an assignment to enhance the student’s learning experience. This paper investigates how a group of first-year students would react to the introduction of animated 3D-programming software called Alice and how Alice was used to improve these students’ creativity levels and problem-solving skills to ultimately enhance their learning experience.