This paper reports on a new interdisciplinary undergraduate course aimed at providing students with the ability to create interactive multimedia content using Web 2.0. The course is named Creating with Web 2.0. It is part of a larger project whose goal is to explore and articulate the strategic alignments among Information Systems and other fields of study. The original focus of the course was on Web 2.0 and Performing Arts. ‘Creating with Web 2.0’ closely conforms to the ‘IS Innovations and New Technologies’ elective course specified in the IS 2010 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs. We expect the course may lead to increased interest in integrating computing into other disciplines. We describe the philosophies leading to ‘Creating with Web 2.0’ within the context of today’s enrollment challenges and employment opportunities. We then present some course specifics including assignments, the set of free tools that were used in class, and some of the student work. The objective is to provide a set of materials that will allow others to create and deploy a similar course.