Advances in information technologies have transformed the accounting function in business and the role of accountants. Recognizing the importance, several employer bodies and professional associations have called for sound information technology skills to accountants. Whether it is auditing, financial accounting or management accounting, information technology tools that are relevant, appropriate and at industry standard level need to be embedded in the accounting context and taught with the help of modern pedagogy. Instead of adding additional content in separate information systems/technology based units in the already crowded curriculum, it is necessary to embed relevant IT tools and concepts into the existing accounting units by ensuring deep learning, contextual understanding and appreciation of the IT/IS issues in accounting context. At present, it appears the level of deployment of these technologies into accounting units is limited and many aspects employers expect the accounting graduates to posses are missing. Accounting schools must embed frameworks such as REA, concepts such as network security, accounting forensics, IT controls, business intelligence and software/applications such as SAP, MyoB and enterprise performance management, into their units in order to prepare accounting graduates of the future.