Online reviews have played an increasingly important role in the popularity and success of e-commerce (Yin et al. 2014). The decreasing digital divide and ubiquitous internet access, along with the proliferation of smart mobile devices, have resulted in an exponential increase in the online purchase of goods and services. Additionally, customers are encouraged and incentivized to share their personal experiences using the product or service. Such experiences represented on internet platforms are captured through electronic word-of-mouth, typically in the form of online reviews. Prior studies on online reviews have shown that the experience of consumers plays an important role as an information source when potential consumers make purchasing decisions (Luo et al. 2013). Researchers have also revealed that opinion mining and sentiment analysis of online reviews can be used to predict the pricing power (Archak et al. 2011) and sales (Chevalier and Mayzlin 2006; Gu et al. 2012) of the product.

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