The objective of this research is to compare the true drivers of carbon emissions in different types of countries and compare these to the policies currently in place to abate emissions. The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) data will be used to collect data on total emissions, liquid emissions, solid emissions, and gas emissions. These will be compared to socioeconomic factors for 10 countries in a canonical correlation analysis to determine which factors are most predictive of different types of fossil fuel usage. These factors will then be deconstructed by the Kaya Identity for each country, and compared to that country’s climate policy to determine if the policy is considering the most critical factors. Previous research covered in this research- in-progress paper considers the reasoning between choosing the selected 10 countries, previous emissions modeling, and projected current trend models into 2100. This will serve as a guide to what exactly countries like the types of countries explored here need to focus on to limit emissions.