The internet has become increasingly social, opening up new space for online collaboration and distributed project management. Decentralized management techniques such as open-source software, distributed development, and software-as-a-service allow software developers to easily connect online and to solve complex problems collaboratively. Online rockstars, who are well-respected in a community and are followed by numerous other users, often influence the decisions of project managers and clients in software development. Understanding the effects of these rockstars can greatly facilitate technology development and adoption in distributed project management. This paper presents a study of the GitHub social network to understand rockstar effect in distributed project management. In GitHub, developers often collaborate in distributed teams and interact in their online social networks, which evolve with the popularity of software repositories and actions of rockstars. To understand how rockstars influence the popularity of software repositories, this research constructed temporal social networks from 2015 to 2017 between 13.5 million software repositories and 2.6 million GitHub users and examined the evolvement of the behavior of 245,501 rockstar followers. The results show that the more followers a rockstar has, the more triadic events there are in his/her participated repository. And the difference of a number of events between top rockstar and other rockstars is much higher in participative events than in contributive events, indicating higher triadic influence from top rockstar in those events for technology development in distributed project management.