This paper summarizes the implications of Industry 4.0 for supply chain collaboration, especially the integration of product, production, and logistics levels. This horizontal and vertical integration across the entire supply chain and across the entire product lifecycle traces back to the original concept of Industry 4.0. The paper first describes data exchange of logistics data across the entire supply chain tiers, which is the predominantly described form in research and practice. Subsequently, data exchange encompassing production and logistics levels offers even more potential but is also more challenging from a cross-organizational perspective. Finally, data exchange across production, product, and logistics levels offers the entirety of benefits described in the concept of Industry 4.0. However, this integration is rarely seen due to different company functions having to exchange data with different underlying logic. As an example, this paper describes batteries of battery electric vehicles as a use case in which the integration across all three levels could unfold. Thereupon, the paper describes avenues for future research and managerial implications that highlight the need to collaborate across research disciplines and organizational functions alike.