Whereas the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and business model innovation have attracted significant attention in academic research, publications at the intersection of both topics are rather sparse. In response, this paper attempts to interconnect the topics conceptually. In particular, it focuses on AI-driven business models in the context of Industry 4.0, highlighting examples and applications in the industrial context. In industry, first applications of AI applications have been known since several decades, such as in pattern recognition by cameras for failure detection. While applications in process or quality optimization have been improved since then, the clear connection to business models is not always clear. Therefore, this paper attempts to differentiate between examples of AI-driven business models that monetize, e.g., process optimization, or data-driven approaches of entire industrial platforms. In doing so, the present paper presents an overview of categories for AI-driven business model innovation across several industrial examples. As a result, future research can adopt and advance this overview to categor