Over the past thirty years, medical and health-care has led to a growing trend towards the increasing use of information technology there has been and growing trends in medicine and health care, both in the practices of physicians and in ensuring optimal health management at all levels, i.e. the creation of a digital health system. This has led to a transition from a "disease treatment" model to a "savings and health promotion" model, and a shift in the delivery of health services to the concept of 4P medicine. These models, for their part, required the use of new methods of rapid processing of ever-increasing arrays of diverse medical information. The lack of the necessary legislative framework and a certain conservatism of doctors held back this innovative process. That all changed when humanity decided to global respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which in a short period affected millions of people and required entirely new methods of responding to disease, both in a patient and in order to ensure the effectiveness of health systems. The proposed work describes the first results of building a special medical integration platform to solve these problems.