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Augmented Reality, Mobile Applications, Architecture


This work aims to present an architecture for Android Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) applications which has to be extensible, flexible and adaptable. Extensible to allow the addition of new functionalities in the application; flexible to allow the change of content/data generating custom applications; and adaptable to the many mobile devices screen sizes. For this reason, we considered an architecture based on the MVC pattern adapted to the context of Android mobile platform, in this adaptation the business logic get out the controller layer and reaches the view layer, in so doing, the controller layer becomes responsible only for managing the request between the model and view layers, ensuring the application modularization. Also, the Fragments user interface pattern was utilized, aiming to a better adaptation to the many mobile devices screen sizes. Furthermore, we applied the Remote Proxy design pattern, for abstraction of data source (local or remote), and the Facade design pattern to facilitate the use of queries and filters in data. Finally, we present usage scenarios with different data and screen size devices to validate the proposed architecture.


This paper is in Portuguese (Aplicações Android de Realidade Aumentada em Arquitetura Extensível, Flexível e Adaptável)