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Smart Cities, discovery service, service oriented computing, NoSQL databases systems


The smart cities concept has emerged from the combination of digital environments with real communities, thus making more efficient the urban spaces management. The majority of proposed solutions are focused on the proposition of middleware that interconnects devices, collects and mediates data. However, these solutions lack of effective mechanisms for publication and discovery of data producers. This paper presents the Waldo, a service for registry and discovery of data producers in the context of smart cities. Waldo follows the Service-Oriented Computing paradigm and adopts NoSQL database solutions and SensorML specification. Through simulations, we attested the feasibility of Waldo as a solution for publishing and discovery of heterogeneous data producers.


This paper is in Portuguese (Waldo: Serviço para Publicação e Descoberta de Produtores de Dados para Middleware de Cidades Inteligentes)