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NoSQL, performance, horinzontal scale, consolidation


This paper presents a study on the NoSQL (Not Only SQL), a new dimension in databases. Lately witnesses an expansion in the number of generated data, and the relational model cannot deal with this data growth. The NoSQL comes as a solution to this problem. This paper aims to conduct a study on the architecture of DBMS, demonstrate why they can deal with this large volume of data and show some properties that NoSQL is based to make your data management. Therefore, DBMSs Redis and Cassandra were used and compared to the relational database MySQL. The maturity and consolidation of NoSQL DBMSs were qualitatively assessed on the parameters online documentation, software help, support virtual community and academic articles, so this work presents a perception of a user already familiar with relational approach taking their first steps with NoSQL. The results showed recognition of the relational database, but also showed a strong consolidation of NoSQL technology market and academic research environments, especially with Cassandra. The horizontal scale was tested with the DBMS Cassandra, who proved to be an excellent tool in this regard.


This paper is in Portuguese (Amadurecimento, Consolidação e Performance de SGBDs NoSQL - Estudo Comparativo)