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Test Process, Software Quality, TMMi, Maturity Assessment


Context. The assessment of maturity of the testing process, although it is consensual in organizations and universities also requires affordable tools for informal assessment in small businesses according to a maturity model, as TMMi. Purpose. Identify and evaluate instruments to measure adherence to Level 2 of maturity, according to the TMMi, the testing process in small businesses. Methodology. It is an applied qualitative exploratory study which includes conducting a case study in small businesses. Involves: identifying assessment tools, featuring companies, application and analysis of the instruments and their results. Results. Two instruments, were applied in the processes of two enterprises. The instruments have different level of detail, and the results obtained differ at various areas of the process. Conclusions. The creation of an instrument with details on the practices and work products of the testing process, are not sufficient for understanding the practice, it requires more support for the domain of features. There is still need for preparing the company's evaluators to better assessment of the practicals.


This paper is in Portuguese (Uma Análise de Instrumentos para Avaliar a Aderência ao Nível 2 do TMMi em Pequenas empresas)