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FIS, Maintenance, Process Mining, Decision Making


The maintenance management aims to estimate the equipment conditions over time or to make predictions or diagnosis of failures. With the growing of Information Systems, like as Factory Information Systems, Process Mining technics could be used to support maintenance decisions making. To ensure the quality and reliability of the information obtained, improvements must be made in events acquisitions. This paper proposes recommendations for structuring the records of Factory Information Systems events, aiming to facilitate the application of Process Mining algorithms. We use as case study of a parts manufacturing process for the automotive sector, using a CNC machine. It is concluded that the main cause for the reduction of quality of information is due to lack of delimiters events and incorrect input events by the operator. With the application of the proposed improvements, we try to extract information to optimize costs, increase equipment availability and guide the implementation of improvements in production processes.


This paper is in Portuguese (Restrições no uso da Informação de Chão de Fabrica na Gestão da Manutenção)