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Software Engineering, Experimental Software Engineering, Computational Tool


The Experimental Software Engineering is one of the sub-areas of Software Engineering (SE) and the aim is to improve methods, techniques and tools ES, from experimental methods. An experimental project involves several steps and activities that must be carried out by the researcher and participant, generating large amounts documents. This paper deals with experimentation in software engineering, presenting a tool for management of experimental projects, called TESE (Tool for Experimental Software Engineering), the main difference is the provision of aid to its members in relation to the concepts of Experimental Software Engineering. Evaluation one tool with students and former students of Bachelor of Computer Science at the Federal University of Goiás (Regional Jataí) was performed. For this, we used a questionnaire built on the model TAM (Technology Acceptance Model), in order to find out what the reviewers think about the usefulness and ease of use of TESE tool. The result was considered positive, as on average 80% of the evaluators agreed that the tool has good utility and ease of use.


This paper is in Portuguese (TESE - Um SIstema de Informação para Gerenciamento de Projetos Experimentais em Engenharia de Software)