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ERP systems, hands-on learning


The ERP systems usage for the teaching/learning process to business administration students is an important tool in the acquisition of knowledge about business process integration view. Several authors have stated that the learning of ERP systems could be favored by the application of the hands on methodology, on which the student build your knowledge through tools provided by educator. The objective of this paper is describe an experience with a 68 students about the ERP system usage according to hands-on approach as a tool to facilitate the teaching/learning process in bachelors on business administration course. The analysis of this approach was made through a methodology based on comparison of a student’s knowledge related to a general sales process before and after of hands-on exercise application. It was possible to observe an improvement of knowledge about the sales process, highlighted through the comprehension of the involved actors as well as the relationship between them and the executed tasks.


This paper is in Portuguese (Uma Experiência com a Utilização de Sistemas ERP para Auxiliar a Aquisição de Conhecimento sobre Processos de Negócio em um Curso de Bacharelado em Administração)