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Social media, Government, User’s engagement, Netnography


The social media use has been diffusing since they are enabling information sharing and the creation of virtual communities and interaction mechanisms. Due to its characteristics, public agencies have used social media for mobilizing, inform and call their public to take part of social participation. However, if this kind of tool is capable to promote engagement in the public, is still a matter to be worried of. Thus, this study aims to analyze how a governmental social media's functionalities influence the engagement of users. Then a netnography study was accomplished. In this study we observed and analyzed interactions from a community in a social media platform that was released by the Brazilian federal government. Finally, we verified that some of its resources were not well explored by users. Even if they got through the process of engagement, their use experience was not so satisfactory to make them keep their access frequency.


This paper is in Portuguese (Estudo sobre o engajamento de usuários de uma mídia social disponibilizada pelo governo)