When IS Success Model Meets UTAUT in a Mobile Banking Context: A Study of Subjective and Objective System Usage

Saleh Alharthi, Nova Southeastern University
James L. Parrish, Nova Southeastern University


The success of a project heavily relies on the quality of requirements determination, which the systems are built upon. However, about 60% of project failures are due to weak requirements determination. This weakness is due to poor communication and lack of stakeholder engagement. Understanding the factors that motivate user participation behaviors during requirements determination can increase user engagement during the requirements determination process. However, empirical research on the factors that motivate participants during requirements determination to engage and share their knowledge is still lacking. The purpose of this paper is to examine the motivational impact of gamification elements on user participation behaviors during requirements determination. This paper presents an extended model of the theory of reasoned action. The extended model posits that gamification elements will influence user participation intentions indirectly through their effects on attitude and subjective norms.