This research in progress paper proposes a research model to identify the characteristics of effective Medicine 2.0 applications. The research will be carried out in two phases. First, the research will focus on investigating the empirical effect of using Med 2.0 Applications on Patient Outcomes. Second, those patients whose outcomes improved will be surveyed to determine what characteristics of the Med 2.0 Application they found useful. This phase will concentrate on examining the effect of Med 2.0 principles on the intention to use a Med 2.0 application. Underlying theoretical explanation of these results may be found in the Technology Acceptance Model and/or IS Success Model. For a research model we propose, if a Med 2.0 application improves patient outcomes the improvement is “caused” or at least explained by the Med 2.0 application mediated by Med 2.0 Principles used in the Med 2.0 application and further moderated by the Patient Demographic.