There is a large and growing body of evidence that learner-centered education is more effective in terms of learning outcomes; it is also more satisfying for the learner. In a learner-centered course, the focus is on a partnership between the teacher and learner with shared responsibility for learning. The learner-centered approach fits well with the characteristics of “millennial” generation students, who are team-oriented, value continuous learning and seek frequent feedback. Learnercentered education has been recommended as a viable approach for information systems education for at least a decade, but applying these principles may be especially important today. Because learner-centered education matches well with the preferences of today's students, it is possible that applying learner-centered principles to IS courses can help address our enrollment problems. The purposes of this workshop are to introduce the concepts of learner-centered education, to illustrate how learner-centered concepts can be applie to information systems courses, and to help participants understand how they can employ learner-centered education in their courses. In addition, a methodology for developing learning activities will be presented and applied. The workshop will be highly interactive, and will use the principles of leaner-centered education. Participants will receive a link to workshop materials and additional resources.