The overall importance of dialogue and communication processes to scientific and technical problem solving is already well established in communication and project management literature (e.g., Bohm, 1999; Isaacs, 1999; Schwalbe, 1999; Kerzner, 1998). However, very little of this literature has been specifically applied to the fast-growing field of Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS) project management and to the pedagogical issues surrounding the teaching of students how to be more effective in working together as a team to solve IT/IS systems development problems. Many of the articles and books that address the subject have focused on some of the more obvious needs for better listening skills, more effective written and oral communication skills, techniques for helping to get your point across, etc. These are important but there is also a need for a more in depth look at the problem by applying some of the more ideological concepts related to “dialogue” introduced by Bohm and Isaacs.