For a number of years the "Annual UCLA Survey of Business School Computer Usage" (begun in 1984, published in 1985) benchmarked information technology assets available to business school students. The survey was cosponsored by the AACSB for a number of years and was used by schools of business to judge the level of technology that supported students. The last of these surveys was in 1999. The need to document a broad sample of current information technology available to students is as strong today as it has been in the past. The difference today is in the types of technology used and the programmatic goals supported by the technology. The UCLA survey of computer resources focused on computers in open labs, staffing for student labs, dollars spent per student, and similar measures. Today a focus is needed that describes the types of resources used and staffing to assist students and faculty in specialized circumstances. The survey developed here will address the information technology needs for skills outlined in the IS2002 model curriculum.