The goal of this study is to identify the level of alignment between IT Governance (ITG) researches with the concepts about the subject. The motivation is the expressive number of publications that consider concepts witch are excessively broad or related to other issues instead of addressing the ITG definitions. It is a preliminary investigation through the analyses of publications from the two Brazilian MIS journals. A set of 34 papers citing ITG was identified, but only 21 of them cited ITG concepts in their Theoretical Backgrounds – the others 13 presented a nominal view from the ITG artifact. ITG was cited in the main group of papers in the Title, Abstract, and Keywords, but in less than half of them in the Theoretical Background and only in nine papers in the Results and Final Remarks sections. We observed that the papers analyzed bring generic and diffuse results, reducing the potential contribution to this field. There is a noticeable presence of inclusion and exclusion errors and nominal view.